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Our People

Our people are very important to us, as is making certain we provide you with the best possible professional financial advice. Below is a short biography for each of our colleagues together with their contact telephone number. For further contact details please see our "Contact Us" page.

Matthew Kelynack
Matthew Kelynack, Senior Mortgage & Protection Advisor
Tel. 01291-671502
Mobile. 07824-391172
Email. mattkama-fs.co.uk
Kate Kelynack
Kate Kelynack, Managing Director
Tel. 01291-671502
Mobile. 07971-482063
Email. katekama-fs.co.uk
Joanne Sheen
Joanne Sheen, Financial Controller
Tel. 01291-671502
Email. joanneskama-fs.co.uk
Sally Sullivan
Sally Sullivan, Office Manager
Tel. 01291-671502
Email. sallykama-fs.co.uk
Gemma Kenney
Gemma Kenney, Mortgage & Protection Advisor
Tel. 01291-671502
Mobile. 07484-524711
Email. gemmakama-fs.co.uk
Gareth Morgan
Gareth Morgan, Mortgage & Protection Advisor
Tel. 01291-671502
Mobile. 07977-243620
Email. garethkama-fs.co.uk
Leon Flynn, Mortgage & Protection Advisor
Tel. 01291-671502
Mobile. 07507-944609
Email. leonkama-fs.co.uk
Stuart Griffiths
Stuart Griffiths, Mortgage & Protection Advisor
Tel. 01291-671502
Email. stuartkama-fs.co.uk
Kelly Sheen
Kelly Sheen, Mortgage & Protection Advisor
Tel. 01291-671502
Email. kellykama-fs.co.uk
Edd Stokes, Protection Specialist
Tel. 01291-671502
Mobile. 07714-210039
Email. eddkama-fs.co.uk
Joanne Forbes
Joanne Forbes, Paraplanner
Tel. 01291-671502
Email. joannefkama-fs.co.uk
Laura Werrett
Laura Werrett, Case Manager & PA
Tel. 01291-671502
Email. laurakama-fs.co.uk
Janet Griffiths, Case Manager
Tel. 01291-671502
Email. janetkama-fs.co.uk

Personal Finance

Finance minister Sajid Javid said on Monday he planned to deliver Britain's first post-Brexit budget statement on Nov. 6, less than a week after the country's deadline for leaving the European Union, if it exits with a deal.
Bank of England Deputy Governor Dave Ramsden said he did not share the views of some of his colleagues who have suggested the British central bank might cut interest rates if the Brexit crisis drags on beyond the current Oct. 31 deadline.
The cost of a comprehensive motor insurance policy in Britain fell 1% in the third quarter, pushed down by uncertainty from the personal injury discount rate change in July and the market watchdog's interim report on general insurance pricing practices, a survey showed.
Britain has rejected calls from lawmakers to give regulators more powers to protect consumers from unregulated investment products as thousands face losing money on "mini-bonds" bought from London Capital & Finance (LCF), which collapsed in January.
Britons are holding off from trying to sell their homes due to uncertainty about when and how Britain will leave the European Union, according to a survey published on Thursday which adds to signs of a slowdown in the housing market.