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Our People

Our people are very important to us, as is making certain we provide you with the best possible professional financial advice. Below is a short biography for each of our colleagues together with their contact telephone number. For further contact details please see our "Contact Us" page.

Matthew Kelynack
Matthew Kelynack, Senior Mortgage & Protection Advisor
Tel. 01291-671502
Mobile. 07824-391172
Email. mattkama-fs.co.uk
Kate Kelynack
Kate Kelynack, Managing Director
Tel. 01291-671502
Mobile. 07971-482063
Email. katekama-fs.co.uk
Joanne Sheen
Joanne Sheen, Financial Controller
Tel. 01291-671502
Email. joanneskama-fs.co.uk
Sally Sullivan
Sally Sullivan, Office Manager
Tel. 01291-671502
Email. sallykama-fs.co.uk
Gemma Kenney
Gemma Kenney, Mortgage & Protection Advisor
Tel. 01291-671502
Mobile. 07484-524711
Email. gemmakama-fs.co.uk
Gareth Morgan
Gareth Morgan, Mortgage & Protection Advisor
Tel. 01291-671502
Mobile. 07977-243620
Email. garethkama-fs.co.uk
Leon Flynn, Mortgage & Protection Advisor
Tel. 01291-671502
Mobile. 07507-944609
Email. leonkama-fs.co.uk
Stuart Griffiths
Stuart Griffiths, Mortgage & Protection Advisor
Tel. 01291-671502
Email. stuartkama-fs.co.uk
Kelly Sheen
Kelly Sheen, Mortgage & Protection Advisor
Tel. 01291-671502
Email. kellykama-fs.co.uk
Edd Stokes, Protection Specialist
Tel. 01291-671502
Mobile. 07714-210039
Email. eddkama-fs.co.uk
Joanne Forbes
Joanne Forbes, Paraplanner
Tel. 01291-671502
Email. joannefkama-fs.co.uk
Laura Werrett
Laura Werrett, Case Manager & PA
Tel. 01291-671502
Email. laurakama-fs.co.uk
Janet Griffiths, Case Manager
Tel. 01291-671502
Email. janetkama-fs.co.uk

Personal Finance

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